Home Bible Study



Sometimes I wondered what the Bible contained, but I always put it aside for many reasons laziness, tired, I would start and makeup an excuse to come back, only to wait years before I would think about it again, and so on. Finally one day while going to New Life United Pentecostal Pastor Coram and his Beautiful Wife Mrs. Coram invited me to do home online bible study, I decided to give it a try. I can't explain what I felt, I kept writing down notes not knowing what they meant to me for my life at the time, but now as I'm going through situations right now I get my notes and come to realize how God was with me talking to me through the home online bible study. God is a good and amazing God he seems to amaze me every time. I greatly appreciate what Pastor Coram and Mrs. Coram have done for me it's a everyday life changing experience and I'm glad to be United with my church Family and the Pastor and his wife.

Denise and Lupe

Your bible contains the keys to living faith & hope in God..& what better way to become closer with God than a HBS..I learned so much more by doing a HBS & I enjoyed every min of it..the most satisfy part for me was looking at my husband & kids paying so much attention & eager to learn..it was exactly what was needed & was just the beginning for my family..i highly recommend a HBS because there's always something new to learn.. Preacher Mike Coram & his beautiful wife are everything you expect & more they were more than helpful & I'm forever grateful.